We are no longer doing COVID-19 testing for the public.
If you need COVID-19 testing (swab or antibody) please see your primary care provider
or your local health department.

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
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Patient Information for Home Isolation

What you need to know:
If you have symptoms and are tested, you are considered a "Person Under Investigation" (PUI).  While this might seem scary, it is just a way of following the testing that is going on in the community.  The "investigation" just means that you have been tested and the government wants to know that you have been educated and followed clinically.  They want to know outcomes if your illness worsens or improves.  You can look at the document from the State below but the essential things to know are:

1. You should remain at home and avoid contact with other people until you have been cleared and this will be based on symptoms and time.

2. You should actually keep a log of people who visit your home so that they know who may have been exposed.

3. If you are going to move or change residence, please let your provider and the local health department know.

4. If you are going out to the doctor or any medical facility, you should call first, let them know that you are being tested for Coronavirus so that they know how to prepare for your arrival.

5. If you call 911 or need emergency care, you should notify the dispatcher that you are being tested for Coronavirus and you should tell the paramedics and first-responders when they arrive at your home.